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Pop-up Sale: Gitanne Skin Care

Join us at Studio 4 on Saturday, September 21st from 7pm-9pm for an exclusive pop-up sale featuring Gitanne Skincare Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care.

Gitanne is a luxury botanical skincare, inspired by a French California fusion, the very soul of founder Kate-Alexandra Levine and her journey from Paris, France to Northern California. "Gitanne" translates to "free spirited woman" from the french word gitane, a gypsy woman. Gitanne embodies a deep desire for beauty in harmony with nature and ourselves.

Gitanne strives to create and deliver a high performance line of luxury botanical skincare, formulated with the purest ingredients found in nature, and resonating with our core values of fair trade, sustainability and ecology. Gitanne offers a complete line of skincare products for all skin types, especially beneficial for sensitive skin types. Their products are made accordingly with vegan, fair trade and certified organic ingredients as much as possible. We are dedicated to formulating with the finest active plant essences and extracts.

Gitanne's elegant glass bottles are made in Italy, which has been the original and iconic place for the finest glass ever since the beginning of this art. They are proud to feature these exquisite bottles and jars, produced by the finest Italian artisans, and strongly value the art itself and the importance of the continuation of artisanal creations.

Product Line:

Hibiscus Rose Cleanser, Cascade Hydration Glow Mist, Rose du Matin Nourishing Day Creme, Jade Balancing Toner, Vetiver After Shave Cream, Gitanne Skin Serums, Bella de Nuit Night Creme, Elixar Acai & Blueberry Seed Exfoliatiant, Aurore Hibiscus Rose Cleanser, L"ART de la Beaute Cleansers, and more.


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